I have worked with people and health since 1973, when I began my nurse training. I qualified as a psychiatric nurse in 1977, moving from hospital to community-based work and then running an independence unit for adolescents.

I qualified as a homeopath in 1987 and have had a practice in London since then. My aim is to create a safe and supportive environment wherein patients are able to discuss health and gain perspective.

I view symptoms as signs of imbalance rather than the cause.

Compassion and understanding are vital aspects of my work. As a homeopath I consider mind, body and spirit and feel it is important that all these areas can be discussed openly, professionally and without judgement.

I feel passionate about all aspects of my work but in particular I enjoy working with emotional issues. I have been greatly influenced by the work of C.G. Jung, Marion Woodman and William Irwin Thompson.

I have spent time with shamans and healers in Peru, Bali, and India as well as working with doctors and midwives here in London, which has given me a healthy respect for both esoteric and orthodox medicine.

I am a registered member of the society of homeopaths and have full professional insurance with them.

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