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"Edie Freeman is one of the hottest homeopaths in town.

Wordly-wise and psychically adroit, she was originally a psychiatric nurse.

Rich with real life experience, she's easy to spill the beans to, a joy to spend time with and gives you highly effective prescriptions."

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"Edie has integrity, combined with intuition, insight and earthiness, including a great sense of humour and real life experience.....this goes to make her one of the easiest people to trust with symptoms"

T.H. London

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"Edie has looked after my family's holistic health for over a decade. She has helped us with a wide range of symptoms, easing pain in my right eye which is caused by M.S. Edie is an extremely caring and sympathetic practitioner who has given wonderful support over the years"

T.M. Chiswick

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"Edie has a fantastic ability to connect at a deep level. Her knowledge of homeopathic remedies and their use is excellent. This combination means that I feel completely safe and trusting in her hands and know that I will always come away from meeting with her, feeling that I know myself a bit better. The remedies she prescribes are a bonus. Although she has over 22 years experience as a homeopath, she is constantly increasing her skills and adding new learning to her practice"

CO.J. Ireland

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"Allopathic medicine would describe me as " having a chronically stiff back". Edie describes it as a " cellular reference point", reminding me of the complete picture of what is going on.She helps me to interpret and after talking with her and taking the prescribed remedy, I can feel the emotional issue shift from the base of my spine to my consciousness. Not always pretty or easy but so much better than finding ways to "soldier on" or simply kill the pain.

Talking to Edie is as important and effective as taking her remedies. It's like someone putting together the pieces of my jig-saw into a picture that makes sense to me She sees my picture and treats me on a physical, psychological and spiritual level, simultaneously, which I love.
I feel understood, met, nurtured, educated and healed by every ounce of contact I have with Edie. Her understanding and use of homeopathic remedies is vastly more intuitive and complex than any other practitioner I have consulted.

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